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You can buy quality backlinks from us here at Backlinkdex and try and give you website a much needed boost in search engine rankings. We offer a range of services from boosted and supercharged Web 2.0’s to YouTube link building services, micro niche SEO, Quora answers, Reddit promotion, and much more. Get started with us today and choose some high-quality links to send to your website.

Buy Quality Backlinks

Our Services

AdSense Micro Niche SEO

Target those micro niche keywords and build a strong foundation to your site followed by two phases of diverse link building.

Amazon Micro Niche SEO

Aim for those buying keywords and send some strong boosted links to your website followed by two phases of diverse link building.

GSA Blast

Send tens of thousands of backlinks to unlimited URL’s of your choosing with unlimited anchor text. This service is best used for tiered link building.

Link Pyramids

Send some High DA backlinks to your website with multiple tiers of powerful link pushing to give them more power and link juice. 

Link Packages

Choose from a range of link packages offering a different variety of services for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Organic Traffic

Check out our organic traffic booster package which is a mix of three different link types which have been proven to generate massive traffic.

Quora Answers

Take advantage of the powerful knowledge base that is Quora and have your links posted in answers relevant to your website.

Social Media

Social Media can be a very powerful tool for building website traffic and raising your brand awareness. How social are you?


Harness the viral power of Reddit and get your link published in a Subreddit of your choosing. Boost your link with upvotes to increase its potential. 

Web 2.0’s

Web 2.0’s can be amazing when used as parasites and they can handle a ton of links being fired at them to increase their power.